Permit System Deprivation Day held


IMPHAL, November 18: The Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System in Manipur, Kangleipak today observed the Permit System Deprivation Day at Manipur Press Club and a one day Penal Discussion on Reasons and Factors for Non implementation of ILP system is Manipur despite Manipur Legislation Assembly unanimously resolving on this issue two times.

The convener of the JCILPS, H Ibotombi Khuman Manipur, ex MLA O Joy Singh, ex CM of Manipur Radhabinod Koijam, ex Union minister of state and president of BJP Th Chaoba Singh, ex Speaker Maniruddin Sheikh attended the function.

The co-convener of the JCILPS Mutum Churamani mentioned that the Inner Line Permit system was lifted from Manipur on November 18, 1950 by Himmat Singh, the then commissioner of Manipur and ever since then the Deprivation Day is being observed every year.

He continued that Manipur is a part of India which has a 121 crore population; and added that non-locals continue to illegally enter Manipur which is inhabited by several communities.

He further reminded the gathering of the two resolutions taken on separate counts by the Manipur Legislative Assembly after threadbare discussions; and added that the Centre has no interest on this issue.

State BJP president Th Chaoba Singh said that it would take a long time to re-implement Inner Line Permit system in the state, and the people need to work sincerely on the issue of ILP.

He continued that a land use policy of the state should be formulated so that non Manipuris cannot buy land in the state.


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