Punishment for mob justice, says CorCom


IMPHAL, November 20: The Coordinating Committee, CorCom, the umbrella body of KCP, KYKL, PREPAK, PREPAK (Pro), RPF and UNLF, has today announced that befitting punishment will be given to those persons who engage in dismantling of houses and damaging other valuable family properties in mob justice.

A press release issued by CorCom further mentioned that it has been investigating on this issue for the last three years and found that the mob justice was meted out to those persons who are instrumental in the recruitment of revolutionary cadres, alleging that such acts was instigated by the security forces by threatening the local club and CSO leaders and ex members of different insurgent groups in an attempt to discredit the revolutionary struggle in the state.

It was also found in the investigation that mob justice had been engineered by some vested interest for political and personal revenge, it said and adding that some individuals who are knowingly or unknowingly functioning against the insurgent groups are also involved in such mob justice, it said.

After having discussed the finding of the investigation, CorCom has decided in a meeting to impose ban on mob justice in the state, adding that befitting punishment will be awarded according to their degree of involvement in the activity and double of the amount of the damages will have to be compensated by those persons involved in the mob justice.

It is further said that such mob justice meted out to alleged persons for an unfounded charge of rape or murder or any other crimes are also covered by the ban, it said in the press release of CorCom.


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