Thanga people express resentment against Manipur Sangai Festival


BISHNUPUR, November 15: A press conference was today organized by Loktak Eco Tourism Development Organization, Thanga at Thanga Ngaram protesting against the government in connection with the upcoming Manipur Sangai Festival saying that the festival is being organized by using the name of Sangai whereas the government does have any planning to attract the tourist to visit Keibul Lamlao – the only home of the Sangai.

During the press conference, the president of the organization O Maipakchao said that the Sangai Festival is being organized by the Govt of Manipur by using the name of Sangai while the same government does not have any planning to attract both the domestic and foreign tourist to the only home of Sangai – the Keibul Lamjao floating park and its surrounding areas.

Maipakchao said that the foreigners would extend help to save Loktak Lake if they would have a visit to Keibul Lamjao on the seeing the pathetic condition of the only fresh water lake in the north east India.

The development concentrated only in the capital of the state without having extended to the home of Sangai is shameful to the foreign tourists, he further said, adding that the negligence of Sangai is a heartfelt sorrow.

It will not be a complete to ride the tourist only upto Sendra in the JNRUM bus.

The general secretary of the organization, AK Birendra mentioned that the attention of the tourists could not be attracted by providing stalls, eateries and cultural programme, adding that the tourists definitely would like to see the home Sangai. So arrangement could be made according to the timing the Sangai could be seen thrice a day.

In doing so, the foreign tourists of the Sangai festival will be increased in the next edition of Sangai festival in the hope seeing Sangai at its home.

The press conference was attended by the members of the organization and the local people of the Thanga assembly constituency from various locations.


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