UNLF chief renews plebiscite demand


IMPHAL, November 22: Chairman of UNLF, Sanayaima reiterated that the fairest way to settle the ‘Manipur-India conflict’ is the democratic process of plebiscite.

He made the statement while talking to media persons who were present as he was being produced before the NIA, Special Court in Guwahati on November 21.  

The UNLF chairperson also conveyed his warm greetings to ‘all communities and revolutionary organizations in Western Southeast Asia (WESIA), particularly those in Manipur on the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the front which falls on November 24.’

He further said he bows his respect in respect to fellow citizens who have endured the excesses committed by India for supporting the freedom movement.

He said that there is no alternative for bringing prosperity in Manipur other than respecting the unique identities of all the indigenous communities, realizing the co-dependence on each others and walking unitedly towards the path of development.

For achievement of a prosperous living condition, the creation of a democratic and independent state through the policy of ensuring autonomy at all levels transversing all the existing communities is needed for bringing equality in development and the living standard, he stated.

The Food Security policy drafted by the Indian government is for crippling our habit of intense labour and encouraging dependence on others for their livelihood, and the people must see through it, he said. The policy was undertaken to destroy the idea of an egalitarian society which is based on the notion of establishment of communities with its members engaged in hard work and fair settlement of the confrontation between the rich and the underprivileged.   

The imperialist regime of India is the major impediment in reaching this goal. It is working hard and disintegrating our society and enforcing its divisive policy to put a wedge among the different communities. Ideas of Alternate Arrangement and Separate states cannot settle the major disagreement existing in Manipur  and bring positive changes in the lives of the common people.

The most important issue is to find a resolution to the Manipur-India conflict. And the fairest way is the democratic process of plebiscite which was the main constituent of the 4-point proposal forwarded by the UNLF in January, 2005.

The participation of Indian and its intelligence wing in planting bombs in public places in their pursuit to accuse the revolutionary groups as terrorist cannot be ruled out. The demands made by the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, based in England and US respectively, for repeal of AFSPA is a strong current against India. 


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