ADC committee seeks answers from Delhi


IMPHAL, December 31: The Autonomous District Council election was conducted in 2010 with the assurance of the government for decentralisation of power to the elected representatives. It was held amidst threats of boycott, and the elected members continue to face the consequences of the boycott. In such a scenario, the members are slowly losing their trust in the government.

This was said by representatives of the ADC members.

On December 9, a five-member team led by ADC Coordinating Committee, convenor Ngalangzar Malue went to the national capital and met AICC president Sonia Gandhi and other senior leaders and placed their demands including appeals for the assurance of the government to be carried out.

Incited by the assurances of the government, and withstanding all threats and pressure against entering the election, the members had got elected to do something for the welfare of the people, said members of the coordinating committee.

However, the attitude of the government at present is such that the members could face separation from family members, relatives and friends, said the members.

Due to the pressure and threats against the ADC election, the members cannot even enter their villages freely, they lamented.

The convenor Ngalangzar has said that the members have continued to face difficulties after the failure of the government to act on its assurance of decentralisation of power to the elected ADC members.

On February 13, 2913, the members had submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister, Home Minister and Sonia Gandhi.

The members again waited after receiving assurances from the central government, and the state Chief Minister announcement that the ADC will be handed over power, he said.

However, even after only about a year and a half is left of the members five year tenure, the government is yet to act on its assurance, he lamented.

He continued that on December 19 and 20, the team had met with AICC`s north east in-charge Faleiro and submitted a detailed report on the issue.

While adding that Faleiro had demanded a status report from both the CM and his deputy, he further added that a memorandum was also submitted to the Union Home Minister through MP Rishang Keishing.


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