Anal customary law book released


By Ruwngthung Hrangbung

CHAKPIKARONG, December 28: The 3rd edition of ‘Anal No Pumlo Tallo’ (Anal Customary Law Book) was released during ‘Huwnthuwna Ki Alum’ (releasing function) held today at Rungchang village in Chakpikarong.

The function was organized by Anal No Pumlo Tallo Lusuh, (Committee on Anal Customary Law) and hosted by Anal Naga Chiefs’ Association Chakpikarong Sub- division.

MLA of 41 /Chandel AC, St Nunghlung Victor; president of Anal Naga Tangpi (ANTA), Wng Victor Kohring and finance secretary of Manipur Baptist Convention Rev Sr Onesima Anal attended the function as the chief guest, functional president and administrator respectively.

While speaking as chief guest, after releasing the book, MLA Nunghlung Victor stated that all villages should practice the customs contained in the book rather than keeping the customary book without reading it.

He stressed that the village chiefs must memorized the laws and made a written examination on the customary laws compulsory before appointment of a village chief.

The MLA entrusted the ANTA for making the written examination compulsory and assured ANTA of help and support in their endeavor to materialize the idea.

He also honoured the chiefs of Rungchang village, culture dance troupe of Yangkelching Khutha by extending financial help.

Wng Victor Kohring in his speech noted on the beautiful and unique custom that the people of Anal Tribe is endowed with and urged the people to have the ‘dignity of labour’, to be faithful, hopeful and loving.

Rev Sr. Onesima Anal dedicated the book while speaking as the Administrator of the releasing function.

While proposing a vote of thanks, President of the host Chiefs’ Association RD Tumdang Anal thanked all the dignitaries, guest and invitees. He specially thanked Maj Sunil Dahiyaof 32 AR Salluk for providing water and Kanats for the function.

Important speakers of the day include president of the Anallon Chiefs’ Association BD Thumdang, president of the Anal Customary Law RD Thungkhel Anal and Principal of United College BD Thumdal.

The function was attended by several chiefs of the villages, pastors, social workers, leaders of various organizations.


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