BJP Chandel lambasts Congress government


CHANDEL, December 8: BJP Chandel Manipur has criticized the present Congress government of keeping the district head quarter Chandel, undeveloped even after coming into power and ruling the state for more than 10 years.

A press release of the BJP Chandel district signed by working president Tongsin Willingson said that the rule of the Congress government is nothing but a “breeder of corruption”.

It further termed the government as a ‘total people failing government’ and added that the people of Chandel in particular have become the most affected victim as far as lack of infrastructure is concerned.

While blaming the government for deplorable conditions of the district roads, the BJP further pointed out that the government of Manipur took the administrative approval of Rs 24,22,00,000 for improvement of road from Pallel to Chandel in the year 2005.

In that same year, Rs 15 Crores and Rs 2,49,92,000 was sanctioned and released by the principal secretary (Works) AE Ahmad entrusting the executive engineer, PWD, Chandel division for development of the road between Pallel to Chandel and the road stretched between Chandel to Chakpikarong respectively, the BJP statement continued.

In response to a letter No. 2070/P-C-S-C/29/E2 dated June 30, 2010 submitted by OC 82nd Road Construction Coy (GREF), BRTF, Imphal, PWD Chandel Division wrote a letter No. EE/CDL/HO/2010-255 dated July 12, 2010, vide no EE/CDL/HO/2010, advising the BRTF to complete the road works at the earliest, added the statement.

Surprised by the inordinate delay of the work of the BRTF even after the sanctioning of the funding, although the black topping of the said roads were expected to be completed by now, the BJP has nothing but to hold the state government responsible for making the people to suffer because of the pot-hole ridden dusty roads, stated the release.

It also stated that the BJP Chandel district understanding the genuine plights of the people, had organized a mass rally to protest the bad condition of the district roads which have remained neglected by the Congress government for the last many years.

The statement also alleged the Works Minister Ratankumar for making false promises when he said that the government will complete repairing the road and to inaugurate the Mini Secretariat by mid-November, last.

The release further stated  that common people have suffered enough due to the bad road condition and worst basic health facility available in the district hospital and had to call an end to the state Congress government’s attitude of taking the common people as ‘vote-bank’ instead of serving the people for a better future.

It also stated that BJP will launched the protest rally in association with the people’s organization for taking quick action for development of the Pallel-Chandel road, the only lifeline of the local people.


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