CDL body accuses chairman of misappropriation


CHANDEL, December 23: Unhappy over the lopsided allocation of BRGF fund, the District Vigilance Committee (DVC) strongly criticized the District Rural Development Chandel chairman of implementing the scheme according to his own whims and fancies.

Addressing a press meet, jointly organized by DVC and BJP Chandel here today, president of DVC BD Betha alleged that the chairman, DRDA has swindled most of the BRGF fund supposed to be equally distributed within the blocks as per guidelines, based on block population and land ratio to Moreh block which has only 6,037 rural populations with an allocation of Rs 3.69 Crores.

While condemning the chairman ADC/DRDA Chandel for allocating more funds to least populated areas than more populated area/blocks while implementing developmental schemes in the district, Betha said that the present ADC/DRDA chairman allocated developmental funds particularly Backward Region Grant Fund (BRGF) without applying man-land ratio as per the guidelines of the scheme.

He maintained that funds of the BRGF should be allocated according to the proposal put up from the village level to Block level and then DPC and finally to HPC as per the guideline.

In his allegation, he said that allocation of Rs 4.70 Cr only for Chandel block with a total population of 32,133, Rs 2.51 Cr only for Chakpikarong block with a population of 32,872, Rs 0.86 Cr for Khengjoy block with 20,067 population and Rs 1.66 Cr and Rs. 2.40 Cr respectively for Tengnoupal and Machi blocks with a total population of 16,361 and 19,865 is asymmetrical and demanded a clarification of the anomaly within five days.

He further informed of the Committee’s decision to launch agitations including seeking resignation of ADC/DRDA Chairman and its DPC members on moral ground, if the concerned authorities failed to fulfill the demands as stated.

In support of the DVC, BJP Chandel President Willingson Tongsin in his address to media alleged DRDA Chandel of implementing BRGF Fund on ‘quota basis’ when he said that ADC members, Chairman, MLA and MPs have their own share of programs.

He strongly condemn the DRDA Chandel for not transparently implementing 6 percent of MG-NREGS contingency fund and criticized the State Government for this and demanded clarification from the government through the DC/ ADC Chairman.

Saying that implementation of IAY schemes and old aged pensions schemes were also far behind the norms and guidelines, he made a fervent appeal to the concerned authority to rectify the flaws so that the schemes reached out to the target pocket.

He also criticized the state government for holding the already approved and sanctioned fund of rs 400 Crores of 2011 from the decentralized project, meant for up gradation and construction of school building under SSA. He informed that the Govt, despite court order of Feb 2013 directing them to release the fund had for kept till date . In this regard the President cautioned the government to release the fund immediately. He further expreesed BJP Chandel of organizing protest against the government with the support of the people.


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