Chandel chiefs alleges ADC chairman of impartiality


CHANDEL, December 4: Chandel chiefs have alleged chairman of the district Rural Development Agency Sesei Zou of violating guidelines while implementing Central Sponsored Schemes (CSS) in the district.

General secretary of Naga Chief Association Chandel Kl Lovejoy while speaking to media alleged the chairman of DRDA Chandel Sesei Zou of being ‘impartial’ when he said that CSS which is supposed to be implemented block-wise and on basis of population has been totally ignored and added that the chairman has implemented 70-80 percent of the said scheme in his area only.

The chief also held responsible the chairman for the failure on the part of the DRDA Chandel to delay the release of pending wages for 20 days under MG-NREGS 2012-13.

Kl Loveson further accused the Chief Executive Officer of ADC Chandel of being irregular attending his office at Monsang Pantha in Chandel and said that his absence has paralyzed the normal functioning of the head office.


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