CM transforms Thanlon from `Darkness to Light`


IMPHAL, December 24: Chief Minister of Manipur O Ibobi Singh  and MLA of 56 Thanlon A/C  Vungzagin Valte Parliament Secretary (Hort SC & CADA) of Manipur,today touch down at Thanglon ,via helicopter and inaugurated the 33/11 KV Power sub station at Thanlon. Ibobi also laid foundation stone for 132/33 KV Thanlon  and laying of foundation stone  for Tribal Inclusive Growth (BDO/SDO Administrative complex  and also launch  special package(IAY) for Thanlon TD Block .

On the occasion  Valte said that he was grateful to the CM of Manipur for taking such an interest  in his constituency and  in the process declare  the CM  O Ibobi Singh as  `the Father of Re -Building Thanlon A/C ` for sharing the plight  and his empathy for the people of Thanlon A/C which ,he says,resulted in  transforming the area  from `Darkness to Light`  

It may be recalled that the CM was to arrived for the program  in  Thanlon yesterday but due to  problem of fog  he was unable to come as there was  high risk in landing his helicopter. Yesterday many people  from near and far of Thanlon had come to see the CM irrespective of being young and old but were disappointed by the change of schedule. Most  DLO from the  District of CCpur,  except  the DC of Ccpur Jacintha Lazarus,  who was suppose to   deliver the well come address, as she was busy ,  had  come  and stationed  at the Sub division headquarter Thanlon  but were  told that the CM will not be able to come on the propose day.

Media fraternity  from the capital and Ccpur district were in full attendance  yesterday  but were also disappointed  by the change of schedule  and were force to leave  as the X mas celebration is  coming ,  and to go by road will be a sure miss of the 25th December celebration. Today  the program  ended with  vote of thanks deliver by Chairman, ADCC Langkhanpau Guite.


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