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Cops foil rally on Manisana killing, JAC sets Dec 15 deadline for action

IMPHAL, December 9: A rally organized by the Manipur People’s Party today to submit a memorandum to the state Governor regarding the killing of its vice president Manisana was foiled by the police in front of the Sahid Minar.

Only seven representatives from among the demonstrators including MPP president N Sovakiran Singh were allowed to proceed further and submit the memorandum to the Governor.

Meanwhile, the JAC formed in connection with the killing has set a deadline on December 15 for the government to take up proper investigation to find the culprits and punish them according to the law.

Today’s rally which was participated by family members, party office bearers and supporters started from in front of the party’s office.

A heavy police presence blocked the rally just 30 meters from the party office, resulting in a brief tussle between the protestors and the police.

Amidst the tussle, the rally continued till in front of the Sahid Minar, from where only seven representatives were allowed to proceed.

The memorandum was however submitted to the secretary of the Governor as the latter was out of station. The representatives were asked to come on December 13 to meet the Governor.

The memorandum said that in the political history of the world, assassination of political leaders is not a new incident, however, in the case of Houbijam Manisana Singh the present state government has failed to take up any serious steps to identify the culprits.

It further charged the government of using delaying tactics in the case.

The party has already submitted representations to the Chief Minister on November 16 and on 20, however, there has been no positive response from the government.

The memorandum further blamed the Chief Minister of acting in an irresponsible manner.

Sovakiran Singh said Manisana’s killing could be politically motivated.

He further expressed his shock on how the killing could take place in such a tight security zone in broad daylight.

The MPP will ask the Governor to take steps for improvement in the law and order situation, he said.

The party will also wait for a while for government response, however if the response is not substantial than the party will take up more actions, he said.

Meanwhile, talking to media persons at the Manipur Press Club today, president of the JAC formed in connection with the killing N Ranbir said that it is unfortunate that the state government is unable to find any clue in the case even as it is going to be a month since the incident.

In case the government is unable to take proper action by the set deadline, the JAC in collaboration with the other civil organisations will take up agitations, he said.

He said the JAC was formed on November 13, the day MPP vice president Haobijam Manisana was killed in broad daylight.

He said on the same day, JAC representatives had submitted a memorandum to the state Chief Minister seeking action against the incident.

The same day, the CM, who was with his Dy CM and other cabinet ministers for a cabinet meeting, had assured actions, he said.

He had assured that being a politician himself, he will take the incident seriously and take necessary steps to find and book the culprits, the JAC president elaborated.

The CM had said it is not proper for the body of a public leader to be kept long at the RIMS morgue, and to show respect by performing his last rites, he said.

Considering the assurance of the CM, the JAC had decided against any un-democratic form of protest, he said.

However, if the CM fails to act on his assurance by December 15, then the JAC in collaboration with other civil society organisations will launched different forms of agitation.

The JAC president had also observed that whenever a non-local is killed, the police investigate into the crime without any delay and ex-gratia is provided.

Today’s press conference was also attended by representatives and leaders of certain civil organisations and meira paibi bodies.



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