Duped investors to move court for possession of disputed land


IMPHAL, November 22: Investors of Global Wing Index held a sit in protest at Achanbigei, Koirengei today. The protest was held regarding sale of a 6 acre land to a private party and that the said tract of land was purchased priorly from the money of the said investors for development of an amusement park.

The fake company which operated a pyramid scheme collected about Rs 60 crores from more than 23,000 investors of the State back in 2011 and the top leaders finally absconded with the money, leaving the investors high and dry. The culprits even duped the then ministers TN Haokip, N Biren and K Ranjit to partake in the ceremony of laying the foundation stone at Achanbigei. Active endorsement from such high profile clients inclusive of police officers, film stars had won the confidence of many investors and projected that the park was actually a real scheme.

The protest today was staged to decry the sale of the land to one RK Bimolini and Thangjam Phunindro by an individual O Mangilal and RK Shashikanta which was allegedly conducted by using fraudulent means on August 21, 2013.

According to the protestors, they mentioned that the land was being attached by the CJM of Thoubal and is a land involved in huge scandal and cannot be sold off like a private property.

The land was involved in a case implicating several offenders of the Global Wing Index fake company and more than a hundred crores were swindled from the 23,000 plus investors.

The protestors mentioned that the land rightfully belonged to the investors who were duped and the ownership was given to the disgruntled investors by N Raju who headed the fake company.

He had given the land and named it in the name of two persons who represented the investors namely Mangilal and Sashikanta. Recently, the land was found sold off to the mentioned private party.

The protestors further stated that gross manipulation was perpetrated by officials in the settlement department, concerned SDOs and inclusive of a high ranking officer of the Thoubal police department.

The protestors was jointly organized with Koirengei Bazar Nupi Marup and the resolution was unanimously taken to further carry on the agitation in the regard, it was resolved that no one can stake a claim on the land without consent of the investors and the Nupi Marup.

A body titled as Global Wing Index Investors Welfare Committee was also formed which resolved that the issue will be highlighted to the Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam, DGP and other concerned authorities to investigate the matter, a petition will also be made to the Manipur High Court to reattach the said land again, the protestors said.

It may be mentioned that the main accused N Raju was arrested by a team of Delhi police earlier this year and subsequently released on bail as the charge sheet was not framed by the concerned police.


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