`Education necessary for a child`s proper growth`


IMPHAL, December 11: The Seram Mangi Singh Foundation, Imphal today observed the 1st Death Anniversary of (L) Seram Mangi Singh at the Lamyanba Shanglen, Palace Compound.

Delivering a lecture on “School education in Manipur”, Prof W Nabakumar, department of Anthropology, Manipur University said that education is necessary and a clear foundation will held the young minds to gain proper growth.

He continued that providing quality in education will reflect on the society.

Further continuing his lecture, he said the schools need not blindly follow the norm of just teaching from the books, but should also find out the real talents of the students and allow them to grow according to their own talents.

Elaborating on the duties of the state in bringing quality education, he said that the state should encourage such norms of detecting the real talents.

There is also an urgent need to incorporate the basic knowledge of human rights into the young minds, he continued.

He also said that the state needs to provide a proper guideline regarding the exorbitant education fees charged by the private schools. The state should provide a common school fee structure for the schools to follow, he continued.

He said education should not be only about teaching and knowing, but it should also be about reasoning and thinking.

Meanwhile, state Education Minister M Okendro said that Seram Mangi was a well-known personality and had been instrumental in bringing several developments to the state.

The people of the state should follow in his footstep, he said.

Elaborating further he said that such lecture program’s help the students a lot.

He continued that people need to work with patience and strong determination to bring development.

Under centrally sponsored schemes like RMSA, RUSA, necessary teachers for both hills and valley are appointed, the state Education Minister said.


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