Electoral reforms, the need of the hour: Nara


IMPHAL, December 22: The present situation of India and Manipur calls for electoral reforms for strengthening democracy, said Moirangthem Nara.

Speaking at a two-day seminar on the topic ‘Electoral Politics in Manipur,’ he said democracy is a historical process from tip to the root, but it has to be taken to its full maturity. He stressed that such type of seminar is very much needed to trace the malpractices in the electoral system.

The seminar held at the multipurpose hall of Modern College was organised by the department of Political Science, Modern College in collaboration with the Department of Political Science, MU under the sponsorship of UCG, NERO.

He selected the 10th Assembly Elections as a classic example of electoral malpractice in Manipur, stating that it became a festival marked by free distribution of liquor and money and display of gun culture and bullets. It was not a normal election, he insisted.  

The Indian democracy is borrowed from the British Raj when only 15 per cent of the people were literates, he stated adding that the snags in the system should be separated by the new electoral reforms. He questioned how a government which garnered just 27 percent of the vote share can rule the other 73 percent in the state and call it a victory for democracy. Without electoral reforms, there cannot be good governance, he stated.  

Khaidem Mani, president of All Manipur Bar Association, stated that electoral reforms are required so that the majority rule electoral system is not equated with the ‘minority party’ forming the government. He asserted that the political system and elected government of the largest democracy in the world has become worse due to the error-filled electoral process.   

Without change in the political system and electoral reform there will be no good government. Without good government the problems of the state and crime against women and issues pertaining to ILP, insurgency etc cannot solved, he added.

In his keynote speech, Dr H Indrakumar, the objective of the seminar is to provide opportunity for academic discussion and interaction forums and to promote understanding about the emerging trends in Manipur politics within the possible sorts of parameters as the people feel like. This academic exposure is expected to harvest the benefit of gathering momentum and lending a good platform with a vision of prospective governance.

Dr M Nara, Khaidem Mani, Prof Naorem Joykumar, Director of Centre for Manipur Studies MU, and Dr K Biren Singh, Principal of Modern College attended as chief guest, guest of honour and president respectively.


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