Elementary-aided school teachers yet to receive 11 months salaries


CCPUR, December 27: The president of the Elementary-aided School Teacher Association (EASTA), CCpur Thoiba today told media persons that even after persistent appeal to the government, the teachers are not getting their salaries of the past 11 months.

He said this has reduced the status of the teachers to that of paupers and beggars as they cannot even apply for BPL cards and other benefit schemes offered by the government.

He said there are altogether 53 grant in aid schools in CCpur district with around 180 teachers, however, due to retirement and other reasons, there are now approximately 160 teachers both under non-plan and plan.

The president further informed that the minister concerned had in the past informed the teachers to get no object certificates from their respective school managing board for conversion from grant-in-aid to regular teachers, however, there has been no initiation from the government on the issue.


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