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Film Mahurat for Lakhidara Yeningtha held

IMPHAL, December 18: A Mahurat of the film “Lakhidara Yeningtha” which is the first production of Ereicha Film Production, Bishnupur was today held at Manipur Press Club at 9 am.

The Mahurat was attended by Wangkhemcha Shaymjai, president of AMWJU and chief editor of eveninger the Kangleikappi Meira as chief guest while Maibam Dhanabir Meetei, executive editor of Imphal Free Press and Laimayum Surjakanta Sharma, president of Film Forum Manipur as guest of honour and president respectively.

During the function, L Surjakanta mentioned that in an attempt to gain more profit from their films, the producers of Manipur are presently practicing screening of films at different places of Manipur including BOAT as charity show. This practice has made poor viewing attendance in the cinema hall which makes the film lose its capital instead of gaining profit. He further appealed to the producers and directors to make films which will provide good message to the society.

While addressing as guest of honour, M Dhanabir Meetei expressed that film is an informal agency for learning and added that it takes the responsibility of dispersing message to the society.

Dhanabir further added that the film makers attempt to produce good films which are worth valuable irrespective of time and geographical location. He further mentioned that the film makers should keep in mind while making films not to misleading the art and culture of the state and the society as a whole.

In his presidential address, Wangkhemcha Shyamjai opined that Manipur film industry is now attacked by film piracy while it has been growing slowly and he further added that this trend should be checked by one and all.

The producer of the film is Ramchandra Khangembam and Surjit Khuman as its director while its artistes are Gokul, Bala, Artina, Gaitri, Lilabati, Mombi and Soniya etc.



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