Fortnight long VAW meet ends


IMPHAL, December 13: The 15 day-long long international fortnight observation to protest violence against women which began from November 25 in Manipur, by different NGOs, civil society organisations at different places, has concluded at the Hotel Classic today.

The observation adopted some declarations that urged the governments of India and Manipur to complete investigations in all the cases related to violence against women, prepare charge sheets for speedy trial in the cases of Satyabhama, Tondon, Joshina, Amubi, Neikhohat Kilong, Dasana, Janeshori, Asem Naobi, Chanbi, Meneka, RK Ratanmala, Shyamasakhi, Echantombi, Vimiya, and Mumtaz etc and take urgent actions. It further raised the demands for fulfilment of the Supreme Court’s order regarding the street vendors and to allow them to sell their wares at the place where they are originally used to occupy by creating a natural market, to establish a special committee of five members consisting of three women and two men in the Police Department and Home department to investigate the delay cases related to violence against women by defining clear term of reference, to ratify the Rome Statute of International Criminal Investigation Term (SIT) to investigate the case of genocide, war crime, crime against humanity and use of rape as an instrument of war in Manipur.

It also raised the demand for provision of special funds for the rehabilitation of victims, and provide health care and trauma counselling with special attention for the victims of rape, to establish independent commission against corruption (IAC) to investigate corruption and illegal trade specially drugs and punish those found involved according to the law and to conduct medical audit in Manipur urgently in order to reconfirm the negligence of medical team, wrong diagnosis in the context of frequent deaths related to delivery.

In the conclusion function the presidium member Dr Dhanabir Laishram said that in India there is no democracy, it is house of criminal politics and human right violation. If we have to change the society we need to focus on alternate system or government.

Chinglen Meisnam said that Nupi Lal is observed till today but it was not conducted by the organisation. Today, there are many organisations but still now crime and violence is continuing unabated.     

If we discuss critically that from 2008 to 2012 there were 219 rape victims in our state, but till now most of accused person has been rewarded befitting punishment.

Dr Dhanabir Laishram, Chinglen Meisnam Assistant Professor, Jit Ningomba, A Mobi Editor Manipur in This Week were present as presidium members of the function.


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