Freight truck waylaid, torched


IMPHAL, Dec 11: A freight truck carrying stone boulders was waylaid and torched by a mob this morning at Sekmai quarry road Sekmai Police station.

Sources said that the incident took place around 9 am when the trucks was coming out from a quarry. A mob stopped the truck and asked the driver and occupants of the the Tata truck (bearing MN01-5108) and torched it.

The cabin and engine section of the torch was damaged by the fire but the timely interventions of the police prevented the fire from further damaging the truck.

The driver of the truck identified as Khwairakpam Chandramani, 38, son of Kh Achou of Awang Sekmai Mayai Leikai.

Police have registered a case in connection with the incident.

It may be mentioned that the Sekmai Protection Committee and Advance Women Society Sekmai, has imposed restriction against lifting of Sands and Stones from any of Sekmai area since June 1, last.   


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