Guv distributes scout awards


IMPHAL, December 12: “The guiding mission of scouting is to contribute to the education of young people and help build a better world, where all the people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society”, said the state Governor Dr Ashwani Kumar while distributing the 8th Governor Rally Rajya Puruskar Award of Manipur State Bharat Scouts and Guide (BSG).

The award was distributed to 66 scouts of all districts of the state at the Raj Bhavan Durbar Hall.

Addressing the function, Dr Ashwani Kumar said it is a privilege for him to distribute the award.

He continued that the most important part about the scout organization is laying emphasis on developing leadership qualities, especially among youths.

The best part about this organization is that the training and orientation for leadership to boys and girls start from their tender age, he expressed and added that this good training and right orientation at their tender age can be fundamental in changing the values, character and lives of the individuals permanently which can help in changing and transforming the society.

He further said that the organization is playing an active role in shaping the character and lives of the youths throughout the world and has contributed immensely toward strengthening friendship, amity, secularism and peace in the world.

The biggest strength of this organization is its non-political character and the voluntary nature of its membership through which we have a body of dedicated members and enlightened leadership who are capable of leading the society for the betterment of future, he said.

He continued that we must make efforts to expand the activities of Bharat Scouts and Guides to every nook and comer of the state.

He opined that there is an urgent need to increase the activities and membership manifold in our State.

He further said that he is aware of the fact that the State Government is providing some financial assistance to Manipur BSG, however, the requirements are much more.

There is a need to improving the schools, colleges and other educational institutions in the State and focus on young people to increase our long term impact, he observed.


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