Huge quantity of wild animal meat destroyed at Ukhrul


By R. Lester Makang

UKHRUL, December 17: The Ukhrul Forest Division has today consigned to flame a large quantity of wild animal meat worth around Rs 10,000 at its office at Phungreitang  in Ukhrul district headquarters.

According to an official of the department, the items were seized during a two-day drive conducted by the department at the town’s vegetable market where dried venison and meat of other wild animals such as wild boars, antelopes etc. were found on sale.

The seized items were consigned to flame around 2 pm, Tuesday at the divisional office located at Phungreitang in full view of the gathering public.

The forest official further said that hunting and trading of wild life is prohibited under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and cases have been registered under the same act.

Disclosing that the department is keeping a close watch on the illegal hunting and trading of wild life which have been going on in the district despite the wildlife act in force, he said that the public needs to be sensitized about the importance of preserving wildlife.

However, no individual has been booked or arrested in this connection.


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