Imphal West DC castigates CEO


IMPHAL, December 6: Representatives of Imphal West Panchayat Committee met DC of Imphal West, Radhakumar, at his office chamber today and discussed about their ongoing agitation over the stand-off with the CEO of Imphal West Zilla Parishad following the non-release of honorariums.   

Secretary of the committee Boby said that the DC assured them that actions will be initiated against Rajendro and informed that the concerned Principal Secretary and other authorities have been intimated about the need to haul up the CEO. The DC further asserted that the signature of Adhyaksah Bijyenti is valid regardless of the fact that she is facing a no-confidence motion against her. The members of the committee in turn told the DC that the office of the CEO at the CD block inside the DC Office complex will remain locked until Rajendro tenders an apology.

The committee had intensified its agitation over the demand for immediate suspension of the Chief Executive Officer of Imphal West Zilla Parishad S Rajendro Singh. Rajendro has been charged with irregular conduct and cheating the committee.

According to the secretary of committee Boby, the CEO has not turn up with a cheque of Rs 28,98,000 meant for payment of honorarium for 39 pradhans, 39 up-pradhans and 364 panchayat ward members of Imphal West district. The committee has demanded that the government suspend Rajendra from his post if the cheque is not released by 10 am today.

Yesterday, Bobby said that the local body representatives have been carrying out their protest in front of the Communities Development block which lies inside the campus of Imphal West DC for the last three days. He added that their agitation will continue until the demand is achieved.

Elaborating on the origin of their stir, Boby said Rajendro had possession of cheques for payment of honorarium for the local representatives which had the signatures of the district Adhyaksha and the CEO. However, Rajendro handed over a new cheque meant for the Gram Panchayat members which had his signature only although the account is jointly hold by the CEO and Adhyaksha. The cheque could not be accepted as it did not have the signature of the other account holder, he added. The ZP members have already received their honorariums.  

To support his action, the CEO had maintained that the authority of the present Adhyaksha Ch Bijayenti was no longer exercisable as the ZP members have raised a no-confidence motion against her. Bobby argued how the CEO can release the notification when he was present in his office for the last three days and asked whether he has another individual office outside the CD block.  

On the other hand, Bijayenti mentioned that her signature is still valid and added that she had apprised the matter to the concerned DC, Radhakumar. A memorandum in this connection was also by the committee to the DC. The DC had reportedly declared that the notification issued by the CEO cannot be accepted.


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