Jiri witnessed decrease in crime rate in 2013


MOREH, December 31: Jiri sub-division under Imphal East district remained more peaceful in 2013 as compared to earlier years. A total of 95 police cases were registered during 2012, while only 65 cases were registered in 2013.

Of the 95 cases registered in 2012, 30 were FR disposed and one charge sheet filed, whereas in 2013, of the 65 cases registered, 44 were FR disposed and two charge sheets filed.

On the other hand, a total of around 66 foreigners travelled into the state through the sub-division, while 889 suspected foreigners without valid papers were made to turn back.

The 65 cases registered this year with the Jiribam police included 18 accident cases, 11 extremists/UAP cases, seven cases transferred, four robbery cases, three kidnapping cases, one ND&PS case and 21 cases under miscellaneous IPC.

The 66 foreigners entering Manipur through Jiribam included 47 male and 19 female.

889 individuals who were unable to prove themselves as citizens of India were also made to turn back as suspected foreigners.

USA accounted for the highest number of foreigners entry into the state with 19 nationals entering the state through the sub-division, while, 13 Australians also entering through the sub-division.

Locals have started thinking that the sub-division has returned to normalcy and is slowly moving towards development. With the arrival of the new year, locals have also been wishing for the upgradation of the sub-division to a proper revenue district.


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