KNF cautions rival


KANGPOKPI, December 16: The Kuki National Front has today clarified on the accusation of its cadres’ involvement in the December 11 encounter between KNF(N) and security forces where three KNF(N) cadres were killed.

It is very unfortunate that without any factual base, the KNF (N) has erroneously accused KNF cadres to have been involved in the December 11 incident and alleged lieutenant Bronley and sgt major Casper to have brought the news of the dead of Jangminlal Haokip to the Special Task Force Commander of KNF (N) KS Elson said LH Stephen, secretary information and publicity, KNF.

He continued that KNF transparently clarified that it has nothing to do with the December 11 incident and lieutenant Bronley as well as sgt major Casper were totally in the dark regarding the KNF(N) allegation towards them.

The statement and allegation of KNF (N) are purely fake and baseless said Lh Stephen adding that the statement is made only to tarnish the high stature of the organization and to misled the general public.

It will be very shameful on the part of KNF to call and addressed any of the KNF (N) cadre as `sir` averred Lh Stephen noting that the self-styled supremo/top leader of KNF(N) was only a Lance Corporal while staying with the KNF.

Therefore alleging any of the KNF cadres to address or call KNF (N) cadres as ‘sir’ is hard to belief and it will never happen even if the sun rises from the west, added Lh Stephen.

While clarifying the alleged involvement of KNF cadres in the December 11 incident, Lh Stephen asserted that it is the duty of any security force to launched any kind of operation against non SoO groups who involved in disturbing the peaceful environment of the land and creating fear psychosis to the general public by kidnapping, extorting, threatening, etc.

The KNF inf and pub secy also cautioned KNF (N) that many of its (KNF-N) cadres work with KNF though they mingled with their (KNF-N) cadres and shared all their (KNF-N) confidential information with them (KNF) which make KNF (N) feel KNF involved and joined the security force in the operation.

In the meantime, KNF urged all parents of KNF(N) cadres to call back their respective ward and joined back KNF who is under tripartite talked with both the Centre and State government and legitimately safeguard them from unnecessary deaths from an unfortunate encounter like the December 11 incident adding that security force are bound and will always launch any type of operation toward non SoO group particularly who are involved in disrupting the peaceful environment.


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