KTaCDS` Khena Hlamthu staged on Jolchara Phowlpeni


CHANDEL, December 29: Khena Hlamthu, a short play in ‘Anal’, has surprised many among thousands of its audience when it was staged on the occasion of the first ever `Jolchara Phowpeni` nite held on December 26 at the Community Hall of Chakpikarong Khupi in Chandel district.

The artistes of Kankhu Theatre and Culture Development Society (KTaCDS), on an invitation, performed the play as a special event of the occasion which was organized by the Jolchara (Ningols) of Chakpikarong.

The event Jochara Phowlpeni, a get together of the Chakpikarong khupi brought up Ningols, who were married outside of their village brought back the memories of sweet moments of those days when all loved and dear ones including people who had gone to be with the Lord and the living ningols coming to the event, used to live and celebrate Christmas in the past days.

Exchange of christmas greetings, sharing of the life experiences, speeches, entertaining programes in the form of songs and dances and a feast were some of the main highlight of the day.

A special prayer of Blessing was offered for the well being and prosperity of the Ningols who have left their homes by marriages.

The KTaCDS production Khena Hlamthu portrays the life of a woman, who was brought up by his caring- brother, ended in tragedy due to the ill treatment of her in-laws.

Her patience, endurance, determination, honesty and love later change the life of her inlaws after her death. Her inlaws regret to have her back but death has separated them until they will meet in heaven.

The artistes taking the lead role of the  play included HB Tohring, LH Ningjahring, Sng Pearson, HL Luise and HB Ruwngthung.


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