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Lack of cooking facilities a bane for mid-day meal scheme in UKL

By R Lester Makang

UKHRUL, December 28: Although implementation of the Mid-Day Meal (MDM) scheme in Ukhrul is by and large deemed successful, the acute lack of proper cooking /kitchen facilities in all the government schools continues to haunt the district.

According to DI Themyao, official incharge, MDM Ukhrul, the scheme has already been implemented by a total of 285 government schools from across the district, including both primary and upper primary schools.

He said that these schools are now providing mid-day meals to a total of 27093 children of which 22404 students are from primary schools and 4689 students from upper primary schools.

However, these schools are facing a lot of hardships for want of proper cooking facilities such as kitchen sheds, utensils etc. disclosed Themyao, while adding that most of these schools continue to struggle on by using open space or makeshift sheds for cooking food.

Further disclosing that lack of such facilities is putting a strain on the school authority and concerned officials, Themyao appealed to the higher authority to look into the matter.

Meanwhile, he said that 35 schools in the district which have been upgraded from EGS are yet to avail the benefits of MDM scheme.

But the director, State Education department will soon be apprised of the requirement in this regard, he added.



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