Lilong body disposes seized contrabands


IMPHAL, December 8: The Anjuman Islah-E-Muaashrah, Lilong organized a mass bike rally cum inauguration Anjuman Mental and Spiritual Fitness Centre building along with disposing off of huge quantity of illicit drugs at the Lilong Turel Ahanbi Dam, today.

The bike rally started from Karampat Lampak and after covering several important roads of the Lilong Assembly Constituency, concluded in front of the newly inaugurated Anjuman Mental and Spiritual fitness centre which was later inaugurated by Moulana Abdul Aziz chief Advisor Anjuman Islah-E-  Muaashrah.

The inaugural function of the Anjuman Mental and Spiritual Fitness Centre was attended by Wabagai MLA and Wakf Board Manipur Md Fazlur Rahim and MLA Wabagai a/c as the chief guest, Moulana Abdul Salam Zilla Parishad member Turel Ahanbi Atoukhong as the president, and Md Kalihnor Rahaman lecturer Manipur College as the guest of honour.

Giving the key note address of the inaugural function, co-ordinator of the Anjuman Islah-E-Muaashrah, Maziz said that to bring peace and development in the state people of all sections of the society need to support each other in the fight against the drug menace in the state.

He further appealed to all for support in the organization’s fight against drug.

Further continuing with his speech, he said the Anjuman Islah-E-Muaashrah has opened the Anjuman Mental and Spiritual fitness centre to provide rehabilitation to drug users and encourage them to live a normal life.

He said that altogether 47 drug users are rehabilitated at the centre out of which 19 have already been sent back to their families.

Later in the evening after the inaugural function, a huge quantity of drug seized by the organization in between February 15, 2011 till date from various parts of Lilong were put on flame.

The contraband items include 10,664 bottles of D Cough Syrup; 351121 capsules of Spasmo Proxyvon; 89037 capsules of N10; 11360 tablets of M-Doxene; 166500 tablets of Solkuf; 166000 tablets of leefirst-T tablets; 85 grams of heroin number 4; 829 litres of alcohol; 2kg and 900 grams of Opium (Kani) and three numbers of Opium (Kani) manufacturing machine. On the other hand, 26 numbers of two wheeler vehicle’s which were recovered by the Anjuman Islah-E- Muaashrah were also handed over to their respective owners.


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