Locals threaten road block against unfit black topping


IMPHAL, December 3: The Youth Voluntary Association, Wangjing has today made an appeal to all concerned in connection with laying of WBM and consequent black topping of the two km long stretch of inter village road starting from Wangjing Bazaar to Keirenbikhok.

In the press conference held at its club building, the secretary of the club, M Sharat Meitei said that the people residing on the stretch of the road has lauded the government for black topping of the said road, adding that the people of the area has long been facing a lot of struggle and disadvantages due to bad road condition.

However, he alleged that the contractors used unspecified normal stones instead of specified concrete stones, adding that this evidently shows that no quality control will be maintained on the process of the road construction.

In this regard, the secretary urged the concerned contractor to maintain quality control so as to make road long lasting and standard.

He also expressed his desire to consult the local people and local club, adding that the club will not give obstruction to development work but it will be against those work which does not maintain quality control.

Secretary Sharat further said that the present preparation of the road will be apprise to the concerned minister, local MLA and engineer.

If the demand remains unfulfilled by Dec 10, 2013, more serious agitation such as blocking of the said road will be launched, the secretary of the local club announced.


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