Manipur RTI activist files PIL to Supreme Court


IMPHAL, December 13 (NNN): An activist from Manipur has filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) before the Supreme Court formally challenging the Government of India for failing to fulfill till date the Article VIII (3) of the Merger Agreement of March 21, 1949 which led to the merger of Manipur into the union of India.

The petitioner, Dr Suresh, chairman, Centre for Foreign Studies and Placement while talking to newsmen at the state BJP office here, said he had earlier on May 8, 2012 sought information through RTI regarding the non-implementation of the said Article enshrined in the Merger Agreement, however the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and the Ministry of Home Affairs in reply to the query had said that the information was not available with the CPIO.

The Article VIII (3) in the Merger Agreement says that the Government of India also undertakes to make suitable provisions for the employment of Manipuris in the various branches of Public Services, and in every way encourage Manipuris to join them. It further says that they also undertake to preserve various laws, customs and conventions prevailing in the State pertaining to the social, economic and religious life of the people.

Dr Suresh cited the reply of the CPIO and MHA as saying that the information sought by the applicant is not available with the CPIO, and that there was no intention to hide any part of information available with the CPIO/FAA as the specific information is not available with the concerned CPIO.

Upset over the negative reply, he approached a senior advocate of Supreme Court, Pinky Anand in August 2013 and later filed the PIL which has been accepted by the top court of the country waiting to begin the hearing of the case, the activist added.

He said if the apex court’s ruling on the case turns out in favour of the state, the profit will be got by every youths of the state.


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