MNPF reacts to Naga Hoho condemnation


IMPHAL, December 9: The Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) has clarified in connection with the Naga Hoho’s condemnation of November 15 blast at Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) office at Ukhrul.

In a press release the MNPF has said that in the plenary session of the 10th Naga Hoho general conference, the the Hoho had condemned the attack. It asked why and how Naga Hoho consider NSCN-IM as a rightful organization in every crimes committed, even during the loss of many innocent lives deliberately targeted by NSCN-IM ?

Did Naga Hoho condemn those crimes committed by NSCN-IM ? Did Naga Hoho acknowledged why and how Jonathan Kashung was assassinated after he was qualified in the scrutiny of the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) presidential election?, the statement questioned.

It continued, “Jonathan Kashung was eliminated by NSCN-IM in order to appoint Artex as their puppet by violating TNL constitution.”

“NSCN-IM asserted itself as upholding rule of law, at the same time they are dictating Naga people especially Tangkhul people in every ways of life for more than 25 years by suppressing sacred voice of the Tangkhul people.” “TNL could not exercise its mandate according to its constitution and as per the aspirations of the Tangkhul populace.”

“The attack at the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) office at Ukhrul represents the long suppressed voice of the Tangkhul people”, it claimed before adding, “We hope it will bring about a change in the Tangkhul society, and also in the Naga community as well.”

“We would like to ask TNL and Naga Hoho to work independently without embracing influence from any political forces, particularly NSCN-IM. Only than, TNL and Naga Hoho can earn mass support.”

It further continued, “We highly consider as esteemed the services carried out by TNL and the Naga Hoho. At the same time, we will monitor each and every step taken by the above-mentioned civil organisations.”

“MNPF could no longer tolerate the divisive and barbaric acts of NSCN-IM.” We will represent and stand for the suppressed voice of the Nagas, it said before adding, “The unwanted lesson given to the TNL at Ukhrul was a by-product of NSCN IM’s demonic seeds and we appeal to all to refrain from destroying our society in the name of “Serving our people”.”

“Every right-thinking citizen should condemn any interference in this practice and let nobody interpret the bold and timely act of MNPF in a narcissistic way as to suit his or her vested interests”, it continued.

“We once again appeal all civil society organisations to look into the matter from the root. Assessing only the incident could not bring about a change that can benefit the Nagas, in particular the Tangkhuls”, it said.

“The inflaming situation amongst the Nagas is the breed of NSCN-IM. They have committed heinous crimes in the name of “Nagaland for Christ”. So far, NSCN-IM leadership is not ready to repent and they are still longing for bloods of their own people, it said before continuing that treachery, threatening, extortion, imposing of unlawful acts, one sided judgments, suppression to the weaker section, confiscating of contract’s work orders, nepotism etc have become their way of life.

Above all, they are ready to compromise the Naga national cause for their own benefits, said the statement signed by the outfit’s assistant publicity secretary, Thomas Numai.


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