MPP mocks `success trip` statement


IMPHAL, December 21: Mocking the assertion by the all political party team on border fencing that their recent trip to Delhi was a success, president of Manipur People’s Party Nongmeikapam Sovakiran said leaders of the ruling parties have adorned a fair glow and become richer after trading their own land.

Speaking at a press meet at its party office this afternoon, Sovakiran made a forceful claim that the border fencing was not erected following a unilateral decision on part of the Myanmarese government but had full consent from the Indian government. Vast portion of land on the Indian side will be conceded to Myanmar as a result of the erroneous fencing, he said. .

The proposal of tripartite talks with the involvement of representatives of Manipur government has remote chances of beginning in the near future and if at all it is started there is no likelihood of finding a concrete solution, he stated. He also castigated the statement from Union Home Secretary Shambu Singh referring to the ongoing works at the disputed site at the border as road construction and not fencing job.

“Due to the Tashkent Declaration after the Indo-Pakistan War in 1965, Tithwal and Hajipi hills were handed over to Pakistan. After signing the agreement, Lal Bahadur Shastri the then Indian Prime Minister died due to a heart attack at Tashkent. King of Manipur Maharaj Budhachandra also died after signing of merger agreement at Shillong in 1949,” he said. But unfortunately the present leaders of the state have not display sadness after the loss of vast areas of land of Manipur due to the border fencing, he added.

Dismissing the declaration of the political delegation trip to Delhi as a triumph, the MPP president said from his party’s perspective Manipur has not gained anything from it and the next reasonable step is immediate dismantling of the fences.  

Vice-president of MPP N Ojit said that he was overwhelmed with shame that political giants from the non-Congress parties have been used as puppets by the ruling party. He mentioned CPI leader Dr M Nara in person and said the latter has lost his political track and has let himself get blown away by the fervor of border fencing. Some prospective candidates of the next Parliament elections have forgotten about canvassing support and are stranded in the Congress camp, he said.   


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