Naga chiefs refutes ADC chairman`s statement


IMPHAL, December 11: The Naga Chiefs` Association Chandel while refuting the statement of Lhukhosei Zou, chairman of ADC & DRDA Chandel reported in a local daily, has firstly admit that there has been printing error in the association’s statement issued to the press under the caption `DRDA Chairman accused of being partial`, and expressed regret for the over sighted mistake caused.

It further continued, “However, we counter that Central Sponsored Schemes (CSS) implemented under DRDA Chandel is not according to the prescribed guidelines, specifically population based and implementation.”

“And there is no point of competition between two blocks ie, Chandel and Moreh. Our agenda/points are meant for all the blocks of Chandel District”, a statement of the association said.

“We strongly object the statement of the Chairman who is trying to play blame game saying that non-speedy of implementation and non-achievement of remaining 20 days MG-NREGS man days was due to non-submission of reports in time and of government not sanctioning the money”, it continued.

Furthermore, the statement has said, “In this regard we would like to counter that Village Level (Mate Report) are submitted on time and the reason for non-achievement is due to the fact that `groupism in DRDA department and irregularity of the staffs found in the department is the factor, which the Chairman seems unaware of.”

“Regarding 6% of MG-NREGS administrative expenses for the year 2012-13, we are fully aware that no 6% of the same was implemented in cash or kind i.e, work site facility which every village are entitled for it. And guidelines of 6% permissible of contingency are also not followed. Instead, the 6% contingencies has been used according to the own wishes of DRDA Chairman and ED DRDA”, it charged.

In order to streamline this irregularity, we will go for PIL in the court or employed vigilance in a very short time if needed.

Regarding Chairman`s clarification of BRGF 2011-12 and District Common Fund (DCF) implemented only in Chandel block, we would like to counter the chairman and make clarification that the BRGF 2011-12 and District Common Fund (DCF) was implemented all across the blocks of the district, it said.


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