Nata Sankirtana artistes sad at govt apathy


IMPHAL, December 13: Even days after the Manipuri Nata Sankirtana was recognized and declared ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ by the UNESCO Heritage Tag, the state government has continued to remain silent and oblivious of such a huge achievement, lamented a sankirtana academy of the state today.

The Gulapi Nata Sankirtana Academy called a press conference at its Kwakeithel Nganapi Thong Mapal premise this afternoon.   

Spokesperson, Aribam Chitreshor Sharma said Nata Sankritana is renowned all over the world and in fact, UNESCO has also declared the art form as an “intangible cultural heritage of humanity”.

The art form is not famous for its song lyric, but for the whole set-up including its stage decoration, mandap, pooja and offering of ‘lei chandal’, he said.

Lamenting that the government has continued to remain oblivious to the achievement, he said whenever any sportsperson achieve some kind of success, the government comes out with full praise and congratulations.

However, even the Arts and Culture department has remained silent even after the UNESCO declaration, he said.

Now, the government’s attitude comes at a time when, the youth of the state has lost all connection with the art forms of the state, he observed.

He further elaborated on the need to discuss the history of the art form.

He said even though the Manipur University has a dance department; there is no proper platform for Nata Sankirtana.

He further appealed for the introduction of the art form in the colleges so as to provide the students with proper knowledge.

The state government need to take immediate action, and bring the needed development, he said.


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