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PHED staff claims assault

BISHNUPUR, December 27: A staff pump operator cum chowkidar of the Bishnupur PHED office, Mairenbam Alex today claimed that he was physically assaulted by a neighbour Debajit, 48 during the night of December 25.

Speaking to media persons, infront of the PHED Bishnupur EE O Meino; AE L Gokulchandra, staff and PHED Worker Organisation Bishnupur branch secretary M Ibomcha and others that his official quarter is next to Debajit’s house.

He continued that there is an ongoing case between Debajit and the office regarding the land on which his quarter is constructed.

However, on December 25 night around 8:30, Debajit arrived with a group of people and declared that he has won the case and Alex and his family should leave the quarter at once, he alleged.

He further continued that when Debajit and his cohorts started assaulting him, he fled from the back door and save himself.

Meanwhile, Bisnupur Branch Workers’ Organisation secretary, M Ibomcha has announced that the organisation has decided to cease water supply for Moirang office indefinitely, until the accused Debajit come forward and extend his apology to Alex.

EE Meino also said that the quarter of the Moirang sub-division no 1 has been there even before Debajit came to live there in 1979.



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