Political party team distracting people from reality- Maoist


IMPHAL, December 6: covering up for the yielding of state land to Myanmar and betraying the trust of the people, the recent meeting between the delegates of the All Political Party from Manipur, without BJP and MPP, and the leaders of the ruling Government at the centre, including the Prime Minister, and the subsequent decision to stop all construction activities on the border fencing is nothing but a feeble attempt to mislead the people and prevent another spontaneous uprising.

Also, all fencing activities along the international border has been on hold since the last week of June 2013, according to a press release signed by Nonglen Meitei, Secretary Publicity & Propaganda, Maoist Communist Party, Manipur.

Alleging the formation of the High Power Committee by a cabinet decision on the 13th of August, 2013 to deal with all issues relating to the border fencing activities as an eyewash to divert attention from the possible backlash by the people after learning of the sale of state land by the Ibobi led Government to Myanmar for ` 5 crore, the release also points out various agencies such as the SIB, IB and MI being utilised in the state to collect information and keep a close watch on the developments regarding the border fencing issue, reminding the people of the declaration made by Shambhu, Joint Secretary, Home at a press conference in Moreh that the ongoing fencing work is not the real border fencing but a security fencing to keep unlawful infiltrators out.

Terming the recent decision by the centre to review fencing works which has already been inspected and reported officially as a political drama played out in view of the upcoming election, the release further questioned the inactivity and studied silence of the central leaders on this particular issue while the Prime Minister took the trouble to visit China after the Chinese army incursion in Ladakh, and also taking up issues with his Pakistani counterpart when Pakistani army crossed over to Indian soil.

Alleging that the state delegates have not broached the subject of Myanmar army incursions, the statement asked whether the people of Manipur should feel satisfied with the efforts of the Government or trust their words when it is clearly evident that these seemingly positive developments are mere ploy to further their personal goals by betraying the trust and loyalty of the people.

It is also stated that a “Half Million March” is being organized by Maoist Communist Party, Manipur to preserve and protect the territorial integrity of Manipur, and also to demand the return of the money taken for sale of state land to Myanmar. Details of the march will be communicated later to the people, the release added.


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