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PREPAK wishes

IMPHAL, Dec 31: The proscribed outfit People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak has greeted the people on the occasion of the new-year 2014.

A press release of the outfit signed by its publicity secretary, Leibak Ngakpa Luwang expressed strong disapproval of the loss of land to Myanmar.

The statement has also said that the ‘drama at National Highway 37’ is part of the Indian government’s ploy of turning the people of the hills and the valley against each other.

India has a motive of ensuring that the repairing and construction of the highway remains a never-ending process by employing the Border Road Organisation (BRO)/ Border Road Task Force (BRTF), said the statement.

The PREPAK statement has also said that Indian security forces under the tag of being friends of the hills have been duping the people of the hills and encouraging communalism amongst the people of Manipur.

It has also maintained that Kangleipak though small in size is inhabited by several communities and every community has a right to safeguard their own identity.



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