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PULF faction complains of govt apathy, SF cruelty

IMPHAL December 24: People’s United Liberation Front (Umar Farooque) chairman has asked both the state and the central governments to actuate the assurances given by them before they formally joined the mainstream.

Speaking to media persons at a press conference held at Manipur Press Club today, chairman of the group, Umar Farooque, said that they had signed the peace agreement with both the Centre and state government to join the mainstream at a home coming ceremony on June 14, 2011.

Since signing the peace deal, neither the cadres nor the ranked officers of his organisation have broken the ground rules or let the governments down, he said. But, the governments have neglected the welfare of the group and till today not a single step has been taken up for the rehabilitation of the cadres, he asserted adding that even the facilities under the provisions of the government have not reached them.  During the three years since they inked the peace deal the group has been provided a mere Rs 28,000, he continued.

Charging the personnel of 15 AR at Thoubal Post of harassing its cadres, the PULF chairman made an appeal to the Inspector General of Assam Rifle (South) to intervene and put an end to it. He continued that due to the unbearable conduct and demands of the paramilitary many of the cadres have fled from their respective homes.           

He further asserted that the inconveniences faced by their cadres are due to the government’s failure to implement the schemes and rehabilitation programmes which were agreed upon under the ground rules of the peace talks and the undue harassments meted out t them. He appealed to the government to look into their grievances. If their demands are not fulfilled before December 31, 2013 then the PULF (Umar Farooque) will not take any responsibility for unwanted activities happening afterwards.



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