Relation between India and Russia time tested


IMPHAL, December 14: “The weeklong programme of Culture for Friendship and Co-operation which includes dance, music, theatre, film shows, literary event, lectures, and opening of Russian language class among others, will go a long way in strengthening the age old cultural relation of friendship and cooperation between India and Russia,” said state Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh today.

It was stated at the inaugural function of the “Culture for Friendship and Co-operation” jointly organized by the Manipur Film Development Corporation Limited and Russian Centre for Science and Culture, Kolkata at Manipur Film Development Corporation today.

Addressing at the inaugural function he said that the Indo-Russian relationship is a long standing and time tested relation of friendship and co-operation.

He further asserted that Indian and Russian relationship in the field of culture is historical, and expressed his happiness of having a Department of Hindi language at the University of Moscow, moreover, for the opening of Russian language at Slope Land Public School, Khongjom.

Apart from the relationship the popularity of ballet, circus, and cinema of Russia and the popularity of dance and music, films and theatre of India are well known in the respective country.

Culture unites people across frontiers and the culture of each country in the world is the wealth of the entire mankind and it should be protected, preserved and strengthened for the benefit of us all, he said.

Consul General of Russian Federation, Kolkata, Irina K Bashkirova said that the Russia and India have a good relationship since many decades.

She expressed that the mutual respect, mutual relation and mutual benefit are acquiring both the countries, and further she appealed that all for the development of relationship.

At the inaugural function Director, Russian Centre for Science and Culture, Kolkata, Alexander V Mazirka former Minister of Art and Culture, Manipur, Dr M Nara Singh were also attended.


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