RIMS director should resign: PANDM


‘Surgeon confirmed woman death due to negligence during child-birth’

IMPHAL, December 16: The rising number of unnatural and controversial deaths during delivery cases at RIMS Hospital continues to draw flaks from various sections of the society, with the People’s Action for National Democratic Movement, PANDM condemning the hospital in a strongly worded press statement today.

PANDM has demanded resignation of the RIMS director on moral grounds citing that he is unable to control his staff.

Condemning the cases of such deaths at the hospital, PANDM highlighted all such cases in its statement.

It claimed that in the first instances of such deaths in recent past, Aheibam (o) Bijeta Devi wife of Aheibam Sanatomba Singh of Lamsang Keithel died due to negligence on the part of the doctors and staff of the Gynae Ward, RIMS on September 13, 2013; followed by the death of Keithellakpam (o) Devjani Devi wife of T Netajit on September 20 and Irengbam (o) Sandhyarani Devi wife of I Nanao Singh of Laboi Khongangkhong on December 14.

Twenty-five year old Sandhyarani Devi was admitted to the hospital on December 5 evening and occupied Bed No 11, GW-I, Gynae Ward. Around midnight she gave birth to a baby under the supervision of Dr CM Singh through caesarean operation, the statement claimed.

Further according to the statement, Sandhyarani and her baby were discharged from the hospital on December 9 evening.

On December 11, she was taken back to the hospital after complaining of stomach pain and failure to relieve herself, it continued.

After being examined at the Gynae Ward, she was referred to Surgery Ward, Unit III A, RIMS and was admitted under Dr GS Moirangthem and was again operated upon at 9:30 pm, December 13, the PANDM statement continued.

Unfortunately, Sandhyarani was declared dead in the evening of December 14, it said.

Before the operation at the surgery ward, Dr Arun Singh had told the patient party that there has been several flaws during the CS operation and the appendix has been found displaced among other abnormal observations, asked the brother of the woman to accompany him at the operation theatre, the statement continued.

It further pointed out that in case the claims of Dr Arun are true than it can be established beyond doubt that Sandhyarani died because of negligence of the doctors of the Gynae Ward.

Even if Dr Arun is at fault for the death, the hospital authorities need to look into the issue. Nevertheless it is established that the death occurred as a result of negligence of the hospital.

The RIMS director should step down from his post on moral grounds for his inability to control his staffs, it demanded.

The organisation has also lamented the hospital authorities for trying to play the blame game.

The authorities concerned need to institute an ‘Inquiry Committee’ to find out the truth; and take up disciplinary actions against all doctors, nurses, staff who are found neglecting their duties or are not qualified and ensure that such unfortunate incidents are not repeated in the future, it said.


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