SM Naqvi medal winner Prof Arun Kumar feted


IMPHAL, December 29: A reception ceremony of SM Naqyi gold medal winner Manipur University Earth Science department professor Arun Kumar was held today at the Seminar Hall of Earth Science department, Manipur University.

Professor Arun Kumar had been awarded for his sincere work for over 30 years in the field of teaching and research experience in the department of earth science, Manipur University by Geogical Society, said an official of the department.

He said that Arun Kumar had initially started his research in the field of fluvial geomorphology with application of GIS and remote sensing techniques in the watershed studies in Manipur.

He had also carried out the landslide hazard studies along the national highways in Manipur, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

He continued saying that Arun Kumar has established a number of seismic observation in Manipur and in Northeast India to monitor the ongoing seismological status as the region falls under the highest seismic zone map of India.

He also said that Arun Kumar has also created that the earthquake hazard awareness in a scientific manner in many in the NE region where the school children can witness to measure the earthquake epicentre parameters in their school earthquake laboratory.

He continued saying that Arun Kumar is presently a member of Programme Advisory committee (Seismology programming) of Minster of MoES and expert advisory committee of Hydroelectric and river valley Project of MoEF said.

Speaking at the reception ceremony, Prof Arun Kumar express happiness and delight on receiving the S M Naqvi gold medal award 2013 in the field petrology and also said that he is very lucky to be in Manipur.

He said he started his career in geomorphology and remote sensing application and started his research work in watersheds in Manipur.

He continued that he had been encouraged by the MoES and MoST to established a seismic station in the state in 1995 to monitor the earthquake activities.

He continue saying that they are the Pioneer in developing the school earthquake labs in Northeast and Himalaya region where the earthquake awareness is being given to the school children and also to measure the magnitude and location of the earthquake he said.


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