State archive can help in tracing the history of the land: Dy CM


IMPHAL, December 13: Maintaining a state archive will help in tracing back the history of the land, said deputy chief minister Gaikhangam today,

Addressing the 34th Archives Week Celebration cum Record Exhibition at the Manipur State Archives Complex, Keishampat today, the dy CM asserted that the archives is an important tool.

He said that whenever there is any confusion regarding the history of the land, the archives acts as the solution.

Commenting on the history of the land, without proper knowledge would be delusive, said Gaikhangam.

He elaborated even though the state has its own archive, there are very few who have referred the material available at the archive.

The habit of availing the materials at the archive needs much encouragement and boost up, he continued.

Commissioner, Art and Culture, Dr RK Nimai Singh said the modern history is not without mistakes.

In order to avoid such mistakes, people need to discuss the materials available in the archives, he said.

Director, Art and Culture, Dr K Sobita said the arts and culture department has been taking up all possible steps for improvement of archives.

She said the preservation of the archives was started only recently.

She observed that Archaeology, Museum and Archive which is under the Art and Culture department are very technical and correlated to each other.


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