Tension at Ukhrul after youth murder


UKHRUL, November 2: A 25-year old was allegedly beaten to death around 4-5 pm yesterday at Chingjaroi Village along the National Highway 202 in between Raizai and Kharasom Village (eight kms from the latter village) at Ukhrul.

His dead body was found from inside a makeshift camp the next day, informed sources.

Sources also said that while the exact reasons cannot be ascertained, it is speculated that a drinking party led to a fight between him and the others.

It is also learnt that following the recovery of the dead body, hundreds of local youth accompanied by the Chingjaroi Village Authority arrived in two Shaktiman trucks rushed to Kharasom village and demanded the custody of three individuals believed to be involved in the death.

While a third one managed to escaped, two others C Ronza and K Zimik were handed over to Chingjaroi Village over mutual understanding and assurances between the two villages.

The two are now in the hands of Chingjaroi Khullen village for further enquiry/ investigation, informed sources.

Sources identified the third one who escaped as Abhoishang T Ronra.

Meanwhile, the Headman Chingjaroi has stated that the matter will be treated according to the Tangkhul village customary law.   

Meanwhile, according to police source so far no FIR has been registered on the case, though the police had intervened to control the situation.


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