TFO drive helps turn Litan a dry place


By Lester Makang

UKHRUL, December 10: Situated some 40 kms north east of the state capital city along the Imphal -Ukhrul route, Litan Sareikhong in Ukhrul district was at one point of time deemed a hub of bootlegging and boozing, but now it has been rendered a dry touch these days thanks to the ongoing crackdown on liquor and other intoxicants initiated by the Tangkhul Frontal Organizations (TFOs) comprising of TKS, TMNL, TSL and TNL.

Disclosing this, sources from TFOs in Litan said that the drive against liquor and drugs had been launched in Leingangching-Litan area since October 27 last and within a span of less than two months, TFOs have been able to check the activities of drinking and selling of alcohol in the area to a great extent.

“Since the imposition of a clampdown in October this year, volunteers of the organizations have so far confiscated over 3100 litres of liquor amounting to lakhs of rupees from Litan check point alone, of which most are brought from Sekmai and Andro in Imphal” further disclosed the source.

According to the TFOs, volunteers have been conducting round-the-clock check on all incoming vehicles including passenger buses, taxis and private vehicles and the area has become more or less a dry place over the past few months.

Apart from intercepting transportation of liquor and other intoxicants which are intended to be taken into Ukhrul district, the volunteers have also successfully clamped down on consumption and selling of alcohol thereby forcing all local drinking joints and liquor vendor shops in the area to wind up their businesses, TFOs have said.


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