Tuinuphai people decries apathy


CCPUR, December 28: Nine members of the United Committee Manipur led by its president Y Nabachandra and secy general Joychandra Khanthoiyam today met the group of villagers,who were allegedly evicted from Tuinuphai village by a group of armed militants, at their temporary shelter at Zougal Hall .

The team provided seven bags of 50 kg rice, two bags of dal, one bag of onion , one tin of edible oil and one bag of potato to the villagers holed up in Zougal Hall for the past two weeks.

The team later went to the contentious village-Tuinuphai to take stock of the situation which were virtually under siege from the claimant of chiefship Letsei Vaiphai and his man.

One villager on condition of anonymity, told IFP that they find it unfortunate that with more then 100 villagers including more than 30 kids on the run, there has been no help or visit, till now, from the government side.

They find it odd and strange that the district administration and its head had not come nor provided any word of comfort even after all this time.

The villagers also said that their concerned MDC do not bother to visit them either.

The chief of the village said that , till now, they survive with help from individual and different organization.  The villagers are wondering for how long their ordeal will continue as  their is no apparent or immediate releif coming to free them from the winter bite and chill.


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