Ukhrul churches reach out to the poor


By Lester Makang

UKHRUL, December 22: With Christmas already knocking on the door, the message of love and compassion is beginning to reverberate around Ukhrul town with the local churches taking the lead to reach out to the less privileged irrespective of race or community with a myriad of gift items and goodwill spirit as the joyous Christians’ festival approaches.   

Christmas the world over is known as the time of giving gifts to the needy taking cue from God’s gift of His only begotten son Jesus Christ to mankind who needed redemption from sin. It is in line with this festive tradition that major churches in Ukhrul town are getting up a way to do their mite in making the lives of the under-privileged and the sick worth their while with gifts and good gestures this season.

Known as the mother church in the district, the Phungyo Baptist Church (PBC) at Tangrei has already set off its efforts to ensure that their fellow denizens avail the gifts.

Disclosing the source of the gifts, Pastor, PBC, HA Thanmi said that these items ranging from clothing to kitchen utensils are being donated by generous members of the church.

“We leave open a box inside the church wherein these items are kept so that any person who wishes to receive a gift this Christmas may come and get hold of an article of his/her desire,” he said, while adding that so many people have thus begun to receive gifts ahead of Christmas even as donation from generous members keep pouring in.

Charting out their line of activities over this season, Pastor HA Thanmi further disclosed that PBC team is also all set to pay friendly visits to the Leishiphung Christian Hospital (LCH), the Ukhrul District Hospital (UDH) and the Comprehensive Health Research and Centre (CHRC) and spend time with as well as pray for the sick at these hospitals so that they may also take part in celebrating this joyous festival.

Moreover, the team is planning to carry out door to door gift delivery, apart from distributing clothing items to orphans as festive gifts.

Another major church in the town the Union Baptist Church (UBC) at Phungreitang is also getting up a similar drive to help the less privileged fellow denizens belonging to different communities from each of the localities receive a gift as a token of love on Christmas day.

Meanwhile, Arthur Khamrang, pastor, the Viewland Baptist Church (VBC), yet another major church in Ukhrul, has said, “We should love and make peace with one another because the Prince of peace is coming.”

He further said that if the followers of Christ are fighting one another, then this will mean that we have lost love and peace.


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