UNC resorts to arm twisting tactics for AA


IMPHAL, December 6 (NNN): The United Naga Council (UNC), the apex Naga body of Manipur has threatened to ban all the constructions of national projects in Manipur if the government does not respond to the demands for resumption of the tripartite talks on `alternative arrangement` within one week`s time.
According to the Naga body, the 3rd Council Assembly of the United Naga Council held at Leibi Maring village, Tegnoupal sub-division in Chandel district seriously viewed the `indifference` of the Government of India to the democratic process of dialogue of the GoI, Government of Manipur and the UNC on the demand for an alternative arrangement outside the Government of Manipur pending settlement of the India Naga issue. In spite of its assurance in the 6th round of talk held on August 30, 2013 at Delhi to convene the 6th round of talk within two months` time, the Government of India has not done so nor responded with any communication in the matter.

“Government of India had also committed vide Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) letter dated 31/8/2013 its firm and sincere intention to end the stalemate on the demands of the UNC and for taking the process to political level,” the UNC pointed out today.  

According to the Naga body, the October 29 reminder for timely convening of the next round of tripartite talk and the 48 hours ban on vehicular traffic on National highways observed by the Naga people to protest against delay in holding the next round of talk have not elicited any response from the Government of India till date.  

“While the dialogue process is left in a limbo, the policies of the communal Govrrnment of Manipur to usurp the land of the Nagas and tribal continues unabated and in more aggressive measures. Tribal villages in the hills are being placed under the jurisdiction of Imphal East, Imphal West, Thoubal and Bishnupur valley district police.  The creation of Jiribam district is being plotted by slicing off Tousem sub-division of Tamenglong district.  The Government of India remains a mute spectator to all these communal activities of the Government of Manipur, inviting agitation and protest,” the UNC alleged.  

It has therefore been decided that the ban on construction works on all National projects in Naga areas which was temporarily suspended w.e.f. 3rd September, 2013 will be re-imposed indefinitely should no positive response be received from the Government of India within one week’s time of date, the Naga body threatened.

UNC then informed that Nagas should refrain from participating or associating with any festivals or mega events organised by the State Government on the pretext of which the political position of the Nagas in Manipur are being sought to be diluted.

“While taking up democratic and legitimate agitations for protection of our rights over our land and resources, identity, history and traditional practice, there is every likelihood that the communal Government of Manipur may adopt repressive measures to suppress our voices and rights. In view of such situation, the Naga people are informed to remain alert and be in readiness to unitedly face any eventuality,” the UNC alerted.


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