URF cadre thrashed for robbery, in police custody


IMPHAL, December 10: A cadre of the United Revolutionary Front, an outfit in peace talk with the government was trashed black and blue by locals of Senjam Chirang under Sekmai police station for stealing a lead storage battery of a Tata truck which was parked in the locality.

A team of police, Sekmai Police rescued the URF cadre from the hands of the angry locals and has lodged him in their custody.

The police have also taken up a case of robbery against the URF cadre.

The cadre is identified as Phuritsabam Sonek, 29, son of Ph Manglem Singh of Uripok Bachaspati Leikai who had shifted to Langol Laimanei is presently staying at the URF designated camp at Loitang Khunou Spinning Mill.

A local, present inside the Sekmai Police station regarding the incident said that yesterday morning the lead storage battery of a Tata Truck, parked in the locality of Senjam Chirag, was found missing.

The owner of the Tata truck identified as Ibopishak of Thoubal Haokha is presently staying at his wife’s residence at Senjam Chirang, where his truck was parked for the night.

She further said that locals angered by the incident came out in search of the battery.

During the incident, it was learnt that Phuritsabam Sonek, a cadre of the URF had visited his aunt’s residence at Senjam Chirang, a day before the battery was found missing, she said.

Suspecting him of lifting the missing battery, the locals went to his Langol residence and picked him up for questioning this morning, she further said.

On being questioned by the locals, Sonek admitted to stealing the battery during the intervening night of December 8-9 and keeping it at his Uripok Bachaspati Leikai residence.

Meanwhile, locals after collecting the battery from the disclosed house, came back to Senjam Chirang along with the URF cadre, she continued.

On the other hand, according to the Sekmai police, on getting information about the angered Senjam Chirang locals picking up an URF cadre for stealing a battery, a team of the police station rushed to the spot and rescued the person.

However, by the time the police arrived at the scene he was already beaten black and blue, said the police.

After rescuing him from the angry locals, the police team took him to the police station and lodge a robbery case against him.

Sonek had revealed himself that he left his designated camp in the evening of December 8, without informing his outfit leaders or seeking prior permission from the concerned authorities, police said.

He further went to his aunt’s residence at Senjam Chirang and while staying for the night there, he stole the battery, police said.

Police also informed that after stealing the battery he took it in a Passenger Diesel Auto plying from Chirang to Imphal and after keeping it at his family’s old residence at Uripok, he himself went to their new Langol residence.

Police also confirmed that Sonek identified himself as a cadre of the URF.


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