URF praises locals for supporting `Go Green project`


IMPHAL, December 12: The United Revolutionary Front, URF has today expressed gratitude to all the farmers who had supports its ‘Go Green project”.

A statement of the URF has said that ever since the party was placed at the Loitang Khunou, Old Spinning Mill in June 2012, the party has been trying to create a harmonious and peaceful relationship amongst the villages of the surrounding area.

The outfit has said that the fact that it has stayed for so long at the Spinning Mill shows that its cadres are well disciplined.

Till date, the outfit has never acted in any manner which could hurt or annoy the people of the surrounding area, the statement said.

The statement further continued that the outfit had entered into an agreement with the governments that the outfit will enter into peace talks excluding the demand for separation from India.

It was also agreed that the government will help the outfit in any step undertaken for development which is under the Constitution of India.

However, not only has the centre been unresponsive, but the blind Manipur government has also failed to provide any help, said the statement.


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