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Villagers flee after militants served quit notice

CCPUR, December 22: Armed cadres of the United Socialist Revolutionary Army numbering around 50  made the villagers of Tuinuphai Village which is about 20 km from Lamka, to shift from the village.

One of the villagers, who arrived at Lamka under the aegis of United Zou Organisation (UZO) at Zougal Hall around 9.30 pm following the quit notice of the armed group, said that the USRA cadres were led by a person who identified himself as Tangboi Vaiphei, brother of Letsei Vaiphei, defence secretary of the outfit.

He said the villagers numbering around 30 households were told to evacuate within 30 minutes.

A villager, Jangkholet said that the people were preparing for a feast in the afternoon after a day of social work, when the armed militants came and asked the villagers to vacate the village.

When told by the villagers that the village was their own and they will not leave, the militants brandished their guns, which left the villagers with no option but to prepare to leave the village, he said.

The UG cadres came in three vehicles and declared that Tongkhogin Tungdim is not anymore the chief, but Letsei Vaiphei son of Mangsat Vaiphei is the chief and anyone who is against this should leave the village within 30 minutes, the villager alleged.

Sources also informed that the chieftain of the village had been a contagious issue for the past many years, and the police had had to intervene in two instances.

The present chief Tongkhogin has in the mean-time said that he had already won two cases regarding the issue at the law courts; and further claimed that the village was founded by his father (L) Vungzakham Tungdim.

The villagers who number more then 100, including children and old are now battling the winter chill at the mercy of philanthropic organisations and their festive season and X-Mass celebration are now in jeopardy.

Sources also claimed that a villager identified as Nehzathag, 55 son of Onkai of Tuinuphai village suffered some minor injury during the said incident.



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