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Wangjing body sets deadline for SK Construction

IMPHAL, December 28: Wangjing Kodongpokpi Development Committee set a deadline of 10 days to the concerned engineering department and SK Construction, the agency assigned for construction of Wangjing Kodongpokpi Sports Complex to make a field assessment and take direct stock of the poor quality of the structure. If they fail to take up appropriate actions within the stipulated date, the sports complex will be demolished, a spokesperson of the committee said.

It was stated at a press conference at Manipur Press Club called by the committee today.

Organization secretary Laishram Inaocha said that for the betterment of the complex the All Wangjing Development Organization had urged several times to the authorities and SK Construction but their request to check the construction was never heeded.

In this regard the construction was ceased some days back, he said and added that the lack of quality control can be seen at different portions.

He continued that the construction was started around five years back under the Manipur Development Society (MDS), however, till now it is still incomplete and the galleries which have a capacity to hold around 30-40 thousand persons was swaying when walked by 2-3 persons due to lack of quality. The complex might break apart if someone jumps over it, he said.

Materials such as cement, sand, stones for the construction are not being used properly and the iron rod and the bricks used in the building of the complex are inferior, he said.

At the same time, he asserted that the youth hostel constructed near the sports complex is still incomplete though construction began 15 years back. The hostel has not been inaugurated yet. He also alleged that there are tell-tale signs of poor quality in the construction of the hostel.



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