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AAP helds maiden meeting in state

IMPHAL January 14: The maiden political conference of the Aam Adami Party state unit was held at Manipur Press Club today noon. Habung Payengi, national executive member in charge of the north eastern states; Thoudam Manihar, the state co-coordinator of AAP; K Zou, active member of AAP from Anuranchal Pradesh and Takir Lima attended as the dais members.

Payengi stated that the party was formed last October 2 with the hope of brining about a change in the country and to root out corruption from every part of the country. Within a short period of time they were able to win the confidence of the people and the recent Delhi election where it won in 28 seats is a glaring example, he said

He continued that earlier there was respect for politicians but the scenario has changed drastically now. People hated them as most are corrupted and have criminal background, he stated adding that people are not expecting anything positive from the government that is embroiled in one scam after the other like coal scam, telecom scam, railway scam etc.

He further informed that AAP is not satisfied with the Jan Lokpal Bill passed by the parliament recently and stressed the need for a stronger Lokpal. If the AAP comes into power in the Centre then AAP will try to bring a more powerful and stronger Lokpal, he promised.

He also said that AAP has an ideology for bringing change in the system of the country and empowerment of the people in villages and rural places. AAP strongly believes in participatory democracy, he added.

He said the MLAs and MPs Locals area development funds should be utilized in the correct manner, criticizing the way in which the funds are being used at present.

He further said that people of the state are fed up with the ruling Congress government and the opposition in the state is not delivering their duties to the peoples. He stated that the AAP is the only party that has come up to bring changes and is the only alternative for the people of the state.

He confessed that at present there he had no idea on how many candidates will be fielded for the coming Lok Shaba election from the Northeast states.



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